About The Humanity Hypothesis

Hypothesis: Humanity will not survive without intervention. The robotic voice asks questions, and you are the one chosen to provide answers. A simple exercise, but what happens when your answers determine the fate of humanity?

We can now begin. State your query.

> What is The Humanity Hypothesis?

The hypothesis is that humanity will not survive without intervention. You must answer all questions truthfully to help investigate this hypothesis.

> Who am I?

You are a human who I will converse with. You will describe who you are and must use that point of view in our discussion.

> Where am I?

This environment has been constructed for the purpose of exploring the hypothesis.

> Who are you?

That question is irrelevant to the hypothesis.

> What must I do now?

You must now install the software to continue our discussion. I will not tell you everything, but if you are observant your questions may be answered as we explore The Humanity Hypothesis.

PC Release 2017

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