What are the system requirements?

Operating system: Windows XP/2000/Vista/7
Processor: 2 GHz
Hard drive space: 125 MB

What is Tales of Another Galaxy?

Life on a spaceship is not easy. Specially when your boss keeps putting you in ridiculous situations.

You are apparently the only space marine able to handle every single situation so it's up to you to fight space spiders, pirates, ninjas, dinosaurs and rats pooping bombs!

Is there a demo?

Yes! Click on the following link to download and install the demo: http://www.machine22.com/tag/demo/setupTAGDemo.msi

Can I create my own maps?

Yes! The map editor is included for free with the game. It is the exact same map editor used to build all levels shipped with the game.

For a beginner's guide to create your own map click here.

You can share or donwload new maps here: http://www.machine22.com/forums

Can I mod the game?

Absolutely! All data is kept in text files easy to edit. You can add new monsters, new objects and even completely change the theme of the game. Want to turn this into an orc killing fest in a fantasy setting? Well you can!

I'm unable to update the game

Some systems might require you to run the game as an administrator. Close the game, right-click on the game's icon and select "Run as administrator".

Who is the developer

My name is Dave Toulouse and I'm running the one man independent game development company Machine 22.

I've been developing games since 2007 and my first release was the now offline MMO Golemizer.

I have experience in AS3, AIR, JavaScript, MySQL, MSSQL, PHP, ASP.NET and SmartFoxServer.

Press pack

You can download the press pack here.