The game is well underway and it is now time to offer you an opportunity to pre-order it and to play the latest beta version I've been hard at work to prepare. Pick the deal that fits you best! Note that the game is currently available for Windows only.
Player deal
  • Immediate download of the latest beta
  • DRM-Free copy at launch
  • Steam key when accepted on Steam
  • Exclusive Unified Earth Defense Forces and Navassian aliens wallpapers
Supporter deal
  • Everything from the player deal
  • 1 additional Steam key when accepted on Steam to offer to a friend
  • Exclusive scenario "Deep Space Horizon" containing 5 additional missions to download at release
Fan deal
  • Everything from the player & supporter deals
  • Your name will appear in the credits!
  • Immediate download of a DRM-free copy of my game Bret Airborne

What is Human Extinction Simulator?

Human Extinction Simulator is an easy to learn but hard to master turn-based strategy game. To have a fighting chance against an imminent alien invasion humanity created this program to evaluate different war strategies. In order to survive we must simulate our own extinction.
  • Ingenious chess-like representation of space battles
  • Over 40 different spaceships with unique moves and weapons patterns
  • Scenarios ranging from large-scale battles to covert operations
  • Mod ready: Create your own spaceships and scenarios.

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System requirements

OS: Windows XP or more recent
Processor: 1.5 GHz processor
Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive: 150 MB