Bret Airborne shakes up the standard match-3 formula with strategic gameplay and original game mechanics.

Play as the intrepid Bret Airborne and help Doctor Altus to fight his evil twin brother in the challenging single-player campaign. Customize your balloon by choosing among fourty unique powers.

"It's a match-3 RPG with some genuinely original ideas"
Rock Paper Shotgun

"Shakes up the match-3 formula in a really fun and strategical way"
The Indie Mine

"Some really neat twists, a cool Steampunk theme, and turned a planned 15-minute session into an hour-long quest."
Rampant Games

"It does more than your average Match 3 game, which will please those who are tired of matching three things just to simply go through the motions."
Dad's gaming addiction

"Bret Airborne is a solid addition to your collection and will keep you entertained for a long time."
10 Dollar Gaming

Buy once and receive both the Windows and Mac versions

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  • Puzzle-based hot air balloon duels
  • Challenging single-player campaign with player-selected levels of difficulty
  • 40 powers and augmentations to customize your balloon
  • Gauntlet mode to test your skills against increasingly difficult enemies
  • Custom duels vs. AI opponents
  • Custom two player local duels

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